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VehSmart services require vehicle electrical system, wireless services, and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. Subscription Service Agreement required. Some exclusions may apply. VehSmart is available in the United States, Mexico and Canada where service is available. VehSmart cannot guarantee satellite signals or wireless coverages in some areas.
Disclaimer & Liability Limits Related to GPS and Cellular Service: The Product receives signals from the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system and transmits signals to, and receives signals from VehSmart, third party Providers and (depending on your particular Service Agreement rate plan) to a Customer Service Center (CSC) and/or directly over the Internet to your personal computer, PDA or cellular telephones display (the method of receiving the information will depend on your choice of technology, whether we support it and/or your particular rate plan). VehSmart could provide the Providers and CSC services directly or through another entity chosen by VehSmart. Your Product is designed to work only with our Providers and CSCs and will not work with any other such similar entities whatsoever. In addition to the GPS system, Providers and CSCs, Services are provided by theuse of cellular telephone companies selected by VehSmart or other entities providing equipment, facilities or services for the transmission of signals or the provision of other services. You understand that the Products use cellular telephone technology as the transmission mode of sending signals to the CSC or your computer, PDA or cellular phone. Services are only available to you in the 50 United States and Canada and only when the Product is within the operating range of a wireless carriers cell site that is part of the VehSmart service network. Services may be limited, interrupted, or discontinued, without liability to VehSmart, due to many conditions, including:

(a) wireless system transmission capacity limitations and network capacity limitations;
(b) atmospheric and geographic conditions;
(c) other natural or artificial environment conditions beyond control;
(d) limitations of the electrical system design and architecture of your Product;
(e) the condition of your Product (i.e. for example, the Product will not function if its power supply is not available; e.g. unit is not connected to a live power source of if essential Product components are damaged (accidentally or otherwise);
(f) government regulations or limitations;
(g) restrictions by an underlying carrier (for example, wireless carrier equipment limitations and inter-carrier roaming agreements; (h) installation, repair or modification to the network; (i) efforts to combat fraudulent use, and,
(i) other legitimate business and operational reasons. Global positioning capabilities used for some location-based services are not available if satellite signals are obstructed; you must be outside with a clear line of sight between you and the satellites. You understand that the Products usage of the GPS system and the cellular telephone network are fundamental to ability to provide Services. You understand that due to the very nature of cellular telephone, network and GPS technologies, there will be times when the Product is unable to secure, maintain, or transmit signals, or that the information transmitted is not reliable, and thus, VehSmart will be unable to receive such signals. You also understand that VehSmart does not receive signals when the transmission mode is or becomes non-operational and that signals from the Product cannot be received by VehSmart when the Product is damaged, does not have adequate power source or is otherwise non-operational. Accordingly, you agree that VehSmart shall not, in any way, be liable for, or have responsibility with respect to, the GPS system, any of the information there from, or for interruptions in service for any reason whatsoever.