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Frequently Asked Questions
Where will the VehSmart system work?
The VehSmart system will work in the U.S. and Canada.
What happens if my vehicle with VehSmart installed is stolen? Will it be able to communicate with the GPS satellites?
Yes. You will be alerted that the vehicle is moving and the VehSmart System will immediately start locating the vehicle.
I installed the VehSmart system in my vehicle, and both LED lights are on, but I do not see my vehicle on the computer?
Once both lights are on, you will need to drive at least 100 yards in order for the vehicle to show up on the map.
Why do I see a solid orange LED light, but the other light is blinking red?
Both lights should be solid. A blinking red LED means the unit is looking for a GPS signal. If your LED is blinking, check to ensure you are not in an enclosed area and that your antenna did not come loose.
My vehicle will not start. Is the VehSmart System causing this?
No. The VehSmart system will not drain your battery and is not the cause of the problem.
How do I contact the VehSmart Call Center?
You may reach a VehSmart Advisor 24/7/365, by calling 855-VEHSMART (834-7627),  or by contacting us online. The VehSmart Advisors can assist with emergency services, roadside assistance and concierge services.
Is VehSmart Portable?
Yes! The VehSmart device is a portable system that you can install in seconds in any car, motorcycle, boat, ATV or RV.
Why do I need VehSmart?
The VehSmart products offer an unmatched combination of safety, security, and peace of mind to help keep you and your family safe while traveling. With 24/7 connectivity to live VehSmart Advisors, you have the confidence of knowing that when you need help, VehSmart is there to help.
I want to cancel my service. Is there a fee?
If you decide to cancel your VehSmart service during the 30-day risk-free guarantee period, then you will not be charged an early termination fee and you will be given a full refund for any services billed in advance. If you decide to cancel your VehSmart service after the 30-day risk-free guarantee period, then a $100 early termination fee will billed to your payment card. You must contact VehSmart Customer Care to cancel your service at 855-VEHSMART (834-7627).
Do I have to purchase airtime service as well as VehSmart service?
No, VehSmart provides a complete service, including the GPS System, software and network connectivity to the GPS System. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and VehSmart!
Is the VehSmart hardwired vehicle system difficult to install?
It is fairly easy and most customers install the system themselves. The VehSmart system needs to be secured out of sight and the antenna needs to be placed on a metal surface or connected with a direct view of the sky. The installation guide provides easy to follow instructions. Most customers are able to install the VehSmart system in under an hour. If you would like to have it professionally installed, most automotive garages or electronics retailers can install the VehSmart system for you.
How often can I locate VehSmart product(s)?
Your system is located every 10 minutes while it is in motion. Sometimes your product(s) will be out of cellular coverage but you will still receive these locations when your product comes back into cellular coverage. However, there will be times when your device is hidden from GPS satellites so you may miss these locations, but that should be infrequent.
How many recipients can I list to be notified in an emergency?
You can have up to 6 alert recipients for each VehSmart product. A recipient may be either an email address or a cell phone number. If a recipient is a cell phone then the message will be delivered as SMS.