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855-VEHSMART (855-834-7627)

VEHSMART hardware is covered under the warranty below.  Our hardware represents the small box which plugs into the On-Board Diagnostics II (OBDII) port included with your vehicle from the dealer you purchased it from, in the initial package as purchased from your retailer, or as purchased directly from VEHSMART. Most problems can be quickly and easily resolved by contacting our customer service and technical support department at 855 -VEHSMART (855—834-7627 ).  

VehSmart's Warranty

WHAT THE WARRANTY COVERS AND WHAT THE WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER:  We will gladly cover any hardware failure subject to our evaluation.  Fortunately these are rugged units and the hardware failure rate is extremely low. We do not cover the unit if the hardware is visibly mis-treated in any way both internally and externally.  We evaluate the unit for any damage resulting from high impact (dropped), water damage (flood or excessively high moisture rate inside your vehicle), fire, flame or heat damage, excessive dirt or dust damage (filthy car syndrome ) and any other clear signs of improper treatment of the unit.  We do not cover your unit if it should fail from an act of God.

LENGTH OF COVERAGE:  The coverage period is for one year from the date of purchase.

WHAT WE (the company) WILL DO TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM and WHAT WE WILL NOT DO:  If technical support determines over the phone that there might be a hardware failure, we will request that you mail, Fed Ex, UPS, or otherwise send your unit directly to us for evaluation.  The unit will be shipped to us AT YOUR EXPENSE so we may evaluate the unit.  Any unit returned must have a Return Authorization number (RA#) that our technical support or customer service advisor will give to you. Based on your location we will provide the closest address to where you may send your unit for evaluation.  If the unit is determined to be at fault we will gladly replace the unit immediately and return it to you via UPS Ground or similar method of shipping.  Our decision is final.  We are not at any time available to evaluate the unit in the field.  All units need to be disconnected and returned to us for evaluation.

HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE:  Service can be obtained simply by calling 855-VEHSMART (855-834-7627) and following the prompts, emailing us at , or by going to our website at and link through to Support.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA:  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.